Coding Horrors: Viewstate

August 11, 2008 by Christoff Truter - 4 Comments

Blog about the joys of viewstate optimization

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Passing parameters by reference using func_get_arg(s)

July 27, 2008 by Christoff Truter - 10 Comments

Blog about passing parameters by reference to functions using func_get_arg(s)


Visual SourceSafe automation

July 18, 2008 by Christoff Truter

Short post about the basics of automation in Visual SourceSafe

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Extension methods in C# 3.0

July 8, 2008 by Christoff Truter

C# 3.0 introduced interesting new functionality, one of them being extension methods


Embedding files(resources) into a web control

July 2, 2008 by Christoff Truter - 3 Comments

Simple demonstration on how to embed files into a web control