August 17, 2006 by This post is closed for comments.

Oh my word, if you think about how many millions of languages we have today, each with its own set of dialects, each its own set of rules etc.

Quite a confusing world, even if you speak the same language, you won't necessarily understand each other at all, so at its core, I would say, language is corrupt and misleading.

For example, in most languages, you've got words sharing the same meaning, why not just have one word? We've got a word with different meanings, like stuff for example, it could mean drugs or money, so if you ask someone for the stuff, you might have a problem, what are you going to give them?

And saying someone's gay, doesn't necessarily mean they're happy.

At school people get encouraged to use as many of these misleading words as possible.

Now my question is, if we really want to teach someone, if we really want to communicate for everyone to understand what we're trying to say, isn't less more? At the end of the day, it doesn't all boil down to language being art, it boils down to people knowing what in heavens name we're trying to tell them.

Next time someone talks about procrastination, for crying out loud, help the sorry soul.