Cape Town

October 25, 2006 by This post is closed for comments.

Sjoe, had a very interesting weekend.

On thursday I took a plane to Cape Town - for an interview in the CBD of Cape Town.

Went very well, got the position, now I need to find a place to live, transport, etc...
The sucky thing is that public transport is close to non-existent (that is if you love your life - cause you can try and take a train, but surviving it, thats the problem), and yes people this is the country thats hosting the 2010 Soccer

Quite a few things I need to wrap up on this side before I can even decide if I can go for the position, would have been easier if transport wasn't an issue, living in the CBD mmmmm....

But ag, was quite cool visiting the cape again, went to Wellington (South Africa) as well, the town my dad grew up in.