Seasons of change

June 2, 2008 by Personal   This post is closed for comments.

Oh my word, where to start? Its almost been a year since I wrote my last blog entry - so much changed since then.

The most notable change however is that I got married the 1st of December 2007 (You'll find some video clips and photos in the about me section of the site). It has really been bliss so far - waking up to my wife each morning, just having her around all the time, amazing!!!

And mmm... we're planning to move to New Zealand one of these days, as soon as we've saved up enough, and as soon as I found a job down there.

I also declared this my .net year, those who visited my site previously, will find that its been rewritten in, all new look and feel, hopefully still as simple as previously.

Planning to document my whole experience migrating to ASP.NET from PHP, but dont worry PHP is still my language of choice for the web - will keep on developing components and write lots of code for PHP.

Want to spend a lot more time on my site than previously, really make it an extremely valuable resource.

So all and all its really been a time of change for me, funny how quickly ones life can change, in my case definitely for the best - Julie fills my life with a joy I've never experienced before.

I am truly filled with new strength to work towards my goals.

I am also planning to revive a few of the stories I wrote during my childhood, should bring interesting reading to this site.