About me

I am a programmer by day, amateur astronomer by night and all round professional trekkie.

I currently live in Pretoria with my beautiful girlfriend and a multitude of animals.

As for my programming career, its been a huge part of my life since about age 7 when I tinkered away in languages like BASIC, Turbo Pascal, C and a little bit of assembler.

I've been developing software for a living for about the last 14 years or so, creating software for the medical, financial, automotive and telematics industries.

At the moment my day to day programming languages I use are C#, MSSQL, JavaScript along with its various popular frameworks (jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, Polymer etc), to create web applications rendering HTML5 etc.

Currently playing around with TypeScript and Dart among other funky languages.

I've worked in quite a number of languages over the years (which grows every day) and I am always keen on learning new ones and even creating new technologies, C, C++, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Java, MySQL, SQL just to name a few.

I recently mastered Objective C while creating mobile applications for the iOS platform and in the process of learning Swift.

Curriculum Vitae

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Please note that I’ve got a more complete CV (includes a profile with screenshots of past / current projects) available on demand.

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