Enhance Customer Registration Process with Cutting-Edge Solutions from Card Scanning Solutions Inc.

November 4, 2013 by C#  

To meet the growing security and user registration demands of organizations today, the ability to accurately and quickly extract and store electronic identification information is vital. Card Scanning Solutions Inc. addresses this need by offering state-of-the-art real-time solutions that streamline the registration and identification process making it efficient, time and cost effective as well as secure.Solutions from Card Scanning Solutions Inc. can be integrated into a variety of applications for industries such as financial, hospitality, security, automotive, retail, transportation, recycling etc. and the available medical solutions address patient registration and identification.

If access management is a core element of your business, then it is important to ensure that this process is comfortable, efficient, effective and accurate for visitors. We live in a fast-paced society and nobody has time to wait while their identification details are being manually recorded into a system. ID information needs to be extracted within seconds and stored electronically for further use if required. With the solutions from Card Scanning Solutions Inc., image capture and data extraction from wide variety of documents such as driver's licenses, passports, medical insurance cards, and business cards is possible. All Card Scanning Solutions Inc. solutions have comprehensive SDK for easy integration into new and existing software applications.

Card Scanning Solutions Inc. offers cross platform comprehensive data capture technology for data extraction from different kinds of documents. With the data, we also extract face image and signature image from driver's licenses and passports. Data can be captured from the front, back and the magnetic stripe of the driver's license and since the solutions from Card Scanning Solutions Inc. provide verification of the authenticity of the driver's license, enhanced data capture is achieved.The data capture software is also compatible with mobile platforms and can also be accessed via Web Services.

Here is some sample code that shows integration simplicity:

The following captures an ID image in C#(CSharp)

//Capture Image

private NetScanW.SLibExClass _sLib;
_sLib = new NetScanW.SLibExClass();

The following is extracting the data from the ID:
private NetScanW.IdDataClass _idData;
_idData = new NetScanW.IdDataClass();
// Extract data 
_idData.ProcState(string.Empty, stateID);

Reading the Data to memory:
"Name - " + _idData.Name + Environment.NewLine
                        + "First Name - " + _idData.NameFirst + Environment.NewLine
                        + "Middle Name - " + _idData.NameMiddle + Environment.NewLine
                         + "Last Name - " + _idData.NameLast + Environment.NewLine
                         + "Name Suffix - " + _idData.NameSuffix + Environment.NewLine
                          + "ID - " + _idData.Id + Environment.NewLine

More information on the data capture technology offered by Card Scanning Solutions Inc. that is fast, accurate, and cross platform can be found here http://www.card-reader.com

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