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I've recently accepted a position as a senior developer at Web Africa, can't wait to get started!

Starting the 1st of December - having a HUGE battle finding a place to live though, tried to contact a few estate agents, without much success, didnt get replies... Sooo last night, I decided to send a picture to all of them.

Gonna find myself a cozy little box!!!

This is my story of how I became homeless.

Long long ago, on a small little farm called Pretoria, lived an ambitious programmer (among a flock of afrikaans people),seeking the lights of the city.

In his quest to rent a quaint little flat with at least 1 bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen, close to a bus route in melkbos, far far far away from chickens, but the evil rental agencies, didnt want to help him.

In desperation he found himself a nice cozy snug lekker little box, which he parked next to a bus stop.

This could happen to you!!!