Long Time no Blooogggg

December 28, 2006 by This post is closed for comments.

Long time no blog, not planning to make a habit of not blogging :)

Had a nice Christmas, me and my girlfriend went to the beach, played in the waves, attacked each other with sand - and I had the genius to walk to the beach without shoes, which resulted in blisters everywhere over my feet.

Finally got a nice little place of my own, forced to move in earlier - thanks to some weird issues between the people I lived with temporarily (Wont say too much). Soooo I am moving in without all my stuff being delivered yet - luckily I got a blow up bed (hope i wont be blown up in it)

Will post some pics of the place, once Its more than mere empty rooms.

Almost new year, the year 2007 - no flying cars yet...