Windows OS X... uhm Vista

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This was quite an emotional weekend, my girlfriend accepted a very. nice job up in Gauteng, about 1600km from here as history teacher.

Which leaves me all alone down here, which means I will be spending a lot more time with you guys, only seeing her over school holidays now, every term, so at least I am not totally abandoned yet.

But this is not what the blog is all about, its about Vista - which was finally released this week, after a five year wait.

The OS itself wont really improve life for the man in the street (who happens to own a PC) since you can achieve everything you can achieve with Vista using XP.

The things that did improve however, is the fact that Vista ships with WinFX aka Win32 API OOP-ed, making it a dream for programmers developing on the windows environment - seems more like a developer focussed release.

a very smart focus - if you win over the developers, you eventually win over the public, meaning Vista sales wont be extremely high to start out with, but will gradually gain over the next few years. (disregarding people that simply buy it because its the latest windows release)

Personally i hate Vista, i dont want to own an OS that hogs my graphics card 24/7, Vista being very focussed on look and feel, moving towards a 3D GUI - things you can disable however, and i despise gadgets, dont want stuff floating around on my desktop...

Here is a funny clip on youtube about Vista stealing ideas from Mac OS X 10.... Quite hectic, microsoft struggles to innovate these days it seems... But the ideas they copied are all superficial in anycase.

YouTubes Windows OS X February 4, 2007 by Anonymous

Thanks for sharing that... that was hilarious LOL.