On my way back to Pretoria

April 24, 2007 by Personal   This post is closed for comments.

Been a while since I blogged, and a lot changed since February.

I am moving back to Pretoria on Sunday, I got a position at a very nice company in Pretoria - but why?

Well the main reason being that I am extremely miserable here in Cape Town - missing my girlfriend terribly - the more time spent with each other, the more time we want to spend with each other. (we're talking here about the girl i plan to marry)

The crappy thing is, I signed a 12 month lease (evil) on the flat I lived in here, and I've still got like 8 months left on the lease - and couldn't get anyone to take it over from me yet. (personally I am going to avoid signing a lease from now on, unfortunately I was kinda forced to sign it at the time, since it was the only place I could get at the time)

So I got myself a temporary place to live in Pretoria in a room in a house with some people, until I am rid of the flat in Cape Town. (on Saturday afternoon I heard that my temp place isnt available anymore, but at least I got a new temporary cheap place yesterday)

But looking forward to being back in civilization, and seeing my girlfriend all the time hehe.

Other than that, I've been looking at new scripts to create, and played with a lot of code, hope to post some of it soon and make the Julie Framework (named after my girlfriend) available for public use.